About operation can't wait any longer

About Operation CWAL Posted on Jun 04, 2007 by Operation CWAL

Operation CWAL (which stands for Can't Wait Any Longer) was originally founded by Iolaus and Supernook, two frequent visitors of the Starcraft Suggestion forums on Battle.net. Tired of their boredom while waiting for Starcraft, they chose to invade Blizzard's Headquarters in Irvine, California and retrieve the Starcraft Beta for themselves. They had no idea that their light-hearted call to arms would become so popular. The group would receive recognition from Blizzard itself, with a cheat code in its name and a blurb in Starcraft's credits.

Operation CWAL did not stop with the release of Starcraft though. As avid Blizzard fans, Operation CWAL members pursue all of the new Blizzard games and when WoW was announced it was decided that we would establish our own guild.

Founded on Day 1 of the World of Warcraft go live, Operation CWAL is all about the fun of Warcraft. We want to experience everything it has to offer from PvE to PvP to just general chatting. Operation CWAL has a very strong community of players that are both friendly and helpful.

Operation CWAL has several people dedicated to keeping the guild running. If you have any questions about the guild feel free to ask one of them.

Guild Master: Verius
Officers: Chartode/Annihilatψr, Heinous
Raid Officers: Feverusardor, Elocyn