Operation CWAL Guild Charter

Operation CWAL Charter Posted on Jun 04, 2007 by Operation CWAL

We have been playing many games together over the years, with WoW being our most recent Blizzard foray. We still have a strong forum community outside of the WoW environment. Within WoW we look for like minded folks with a comparably quirky sense of humor, and a dedication to helping see the group progress through the game. We are serious about completing raid content but in such a way that the game does not feel like a second job.

1. What are the goals of the guild?

The main goal of CWAL has always been to progress through game content while having fun doing it. This does mean a heavy focus on raiding, but our approach on things allows for people to have a life outside the game. We also strive to have enough raiding members that people are free to have nights off without hurting the ability of the guild to raid.

We do not require people to raid, and have no attendance rules to remain in the guild. Raid attendance only has the ability to affect your continued ability to raid should circumstances require more selective placement of people within the raid. Members who opt to focus on other aspects of the game are not considered lesser members, and are considered critical to the success of the guild as a whole.

2. What is acceptable behavior?

Guild members are expected to behave appropriately at all times, on the realm forums, in guild activities, and when grouped with others outside the guild. Our members represent who we are as a guild and we prefer that our image continues to be positive.

Treat others with respect and consideration both in speech and in action.

Officers are there to help you. If you have an issue with another player (including officers), or a guild policy, we ask that you to please see an officer about it and give them the chance to resolve it before trying to fix it yourself or /gquitting.

3. What isn't acceptable behavior?

Harassment of other players will not be tolerated. Loot whoring, loot ninjaing, and verbal abuse of other players, are examples of things we do not allow. Members are to keep disputes private. Please do not air grievances on public forums or in guild chat. See an officer if you can not settle it between yourselves.

4. What is the disciplinary process?

Usually the player is warned by an officer with a /tell in game. If that still does not have the desired effect, then the player may be demoted, or even silenced. For severe infractions the player may be spoken to by the officers and subsequently /gkicked.

5. What is expected of the members(in general)?

Being a member of CWAL is about more than just showing up in game. Participation (or at least awareness) of guild discussion on the forums is an important part of membership.

Discussion of many important in-game topcis ranging from strategy discussions to raid rules takes place on the forums. If you are not reading the forums you are not participating fully in the life of the guild.