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Join Operation CWAL Posted on Jun 04, 2007 by Operation CWAL

Raid Recruitment Information

Non-raid applications, social players, family and friends characters can also apply without answering the raid-specific questions on the application form.

1. Guild and Progression Information
2. Recruit Expectations
3. Current Recruitment Needs (updated)

You are expected to read everything here BEFORE making an application.

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Section 1. Guild Information

Founded on Day 1 when the World of Warcraft went live, Operation CWAL is all about the fun of Warcraft. We want to experience everything it has to offer. Operation CWAL has a very strong community of players that are both friendly and helpful.

Operation CWAL has several people dedicated to keeping the guild running. If you have any questions about the guild feel free to ask one of them.

Guild Master: Verius
Officers: Annihilatψr, Elocyn.
Raid Leader: Feverusardor

Our current raid agenda is focus on 25 man Icecrown Citadel.

Our 25 man official progression is listed to the right side bar.

Our raid nights are currently

Thursday 8:00pm - 12:00am EST
Sunday 8:00pm - 12:00am EST

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Section 2. Recruit Expectations

The following list of expectations are what we're looking for from every single raider. All of these expectations apply equally to applicants and members unless specifically stated.

• You should be capable of maintaining near perfect (2/3 nights) raid attendance, especially during your application process. This also applies to raiders who have already been promoted to member status.

• You should have a stable internet connection and can maintain a full night of attendance without going AFK on nights you committed to raid.

• You are expected to be listening and fully attentive when assignments are given out for each encounter. You should never need to be told what to do more than once.

• You are expected to perform your absolute best at all times. You should be giving us a run for our money, showing us how much you want to be here, and what you bring to the table. We will be watching.

• You should hopefully not be making mistakes during boss encounters, and you should definitely not be making them repeatedly. If you are making mistakes, that is a big problem for you. You should not be taking your personal mistakes with a grain of salt either.

• As an applicant, we do not owe you anything. We will not drag you through our raids until we see you are a good raider, or is on the verge of improvement, or if we sense that you're someone we can work with to improve, so make sure you're rock solid from the very beginning in both performance and personality.

• When you become a member, you should be putting forth the same amount of effort and dedication that you did as an applicant. This means no goofing off or acting stupid during raids and also being responsible about your attendance/absence. You should be setting an example for all of our applicants.

This next bit of information applies mainly to applicants, but should not be overlooked by members.

All applicants will be heavily monitored throughout their application process through combatlog parses and will also be given individual progress reports to inform them of how they are doing throughout their application period (and sometimes advice on class mechanics and stat and itemization). This should help to point out any flaws with the applicant that they should actively be working on fixing as soon as possible.

Members will also be actively reviewed and in the event that any major issues come up they will be discussed. Whether it be your attentiveness in raids, your overall skill during encounters, your raid attendance, or a number of other things that we expect from you. If we feel it is a serious problem you will be approached about it and made aware that it is unacceptable and needs to be fixed quickly or you may find yourself without a raid spot with us.


Please fill out the application with care. After all, if you can't take the time to read what we ask of you here, how will you follow raid instructions!

In order to apply, copy and paste the application and post it as a new thread in the Applications Forum. If you have any questions regarding applications or the guild, you can PM an officer on these forums, or message them in game.

Thank you for your interest and good luck.

Section 3. Current Recruitment Needs

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