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Raiding Rules Posted on Jun 04, 2007 by Operation CWAL


Those who desire to coast along will have their raid spots seriously jeopardized. This post is an attempt to document and standardizing a set of code of conduct for when issues arise with raiders' level of dedication to the raid, especially progression raids.

We are not trying to make the raid a Hard Core raid group, but to uphold at least 2 nights of legitimate raiding a week on legitimate and separate bosses.

Section 1. Real Life Issues

I do not want to hear you getting distracted by TV or other ppl in your family or whatever during a boss fight. While I understand RL > WoW for some people, if you cannot be trusted then you are a liability to the rest of the 24 of us. This sentence refers directly to a situation when you are in the middle of a raid/boss fight and you suddenly become unresponsive.

If we cannot make use of you, you would not be given a raid spot, don't take it personally. This happening once or twice is ok, but by the fourth time, you will probably have annoyed the officers enough that we will remove you from raiding.

Stupid Unforgivable Reason

If you miss a raid for the reason you want to watch a certain program or event on TV, your position will be replaced, this is especially stupid when that same event can be TiVo'ed or downloaded free on the internet afterward. WE ONLY RAID TWICE A WEEK, SO PLEASE BE CONSIDERATE TOWARD THE OTHER 24 PPL ON YOUR TEAM.

Section 2. Late to Raids, Reporting, Responsibilities, and Penalties.

ALSO, as mentioned in the other thread, showing up on time will be paramount for your raid spot, the following details the procedure and penalty for the violation of each rule and subsequent rules:


Find an officer or a friend of yours or post in the forum if you are going to not show up at or before 7:45pm. Not 7:44, not 7:46, 7:45. and indicate an ETA. It is your responsibility to make sure whoever you tell actually transmit your message successfully or the blame still rests with you. For that reason, the forum is the best place.

Raid Spots

Invites will start by 7:45 or at such time as the presiding raid officer sees fit. And if by the time you are ready to take an invite, and the group is full, you will be asked to stand by.

(a) If you are not given a spot for the initial raid invite, but you did not inform us at or before 7:45pm on that day that you will be canceling for the entire night, you are expected to be online and be available to come in when the officers need to make a switch.

(b) If you refuse to attend when asked during a raid period, unless you already completely stated you will not be raiding during the entire period of the night before 7:45pm on that night, your name will be put into a boycott list and you will not receive loot for the duration of the following 3 raid nights that you are committed to attend.

(c) If you refuse to accept this disciplinary action and refuse to attend the raids you are required to attend while not receiving loot, you will be benched from raiding with Operation CWAL for 2 weeks. In this 2 weeks, in order for us to carry on the show, it is possible that your spot may be replaced by a more dedicated new member.

Exemptions and Exceptions

The above does not mean that the officers will always take an online person instead of a late person. Again, group will be made for best composition. If a person is asked to sit out for a fight and starts unnecessary drama over that, that person will be sitting out anyway and silenced temporarily for the duration of the sit out period.

Section 3. Raid-time Responsibilities

Study Fights/No Hand-Holding Rule

You're responsible for understanding all the boss mechanics of a fight.

The presiding raid officer will announce the specifics and details of our execution, should it defer from what the general public is doing. Please pay attention during the announcement and limit your questions due to not paying attention.


While you don't need to be pro and learn what other classes do, you are expected to know your class fully and maximize its potential to the best of your abilities. This means:

(a) Stats, gearing, itemization, gemming: You are expected to use all epic gems, and maximize the basket of stats that weighs the most to your class.

(b) Talent allocation: You are expected to allocate your talent points to ones that maximize your contribution to the raid. If somewhere on the internet there exists mathematical calculations or publications that tells you what the optimal talent distribution is, you are required to have it. If you wish to change that or customize your own, you will need to explain to me 1 on 1 why you are doing it, how much extra performance it will give you numerically/quantitatively, etc. I stress the quantitative part.

(c) Boss Fight Knowledge: This section is not about how you must learn the boss fight strategy, but rather, learn how to maximize your performance during each boss fight. DPS: you are responsible for learning how to keep your constant dps as close to its max potential as possible under the conditions of the boss mechanics such as movement. Healers: you are responsible for maximizing your healing under such conditions as well. Tanks: staying alive during crucial moments.
For example: I do not want to hear from now on that you got a snobold on you and got yourself locked out of your spell school unless you are a class/spec for which this is inevitable.


Of paramount importance is the disruption of vent during a boss fight.

(a) Communication: You are expected to communicate effectively over vent. If you are assigned a crucial task and due to some reason you are unable to perform your task, say so over vent so another person could take over immediately.

(b) Vent is expected to be busy with important communication and has no room for garbage. Do not say "Oh noooo" or any such useless crap over top of serious communication. Also, if you died, we can see you died, your only speech should be "[Name] died, someone take over my job (whatever it is)" You should not be lamenting over vent on how you died and it is so unfair etc. This will be discussed after the attempt is over if it is not clear already.

(c) All above is exempted from trash time and before or after the raid, of course.

(d) If you violate vent rules you will be yelled at directly by an officer. Expect no quarter.

Section 4. Loot

Since we have recently reformed loot council, you can ask why you did not receive a piece of loot. Please understand that a decision is based on deliberations and vote, therefore we will try to give you the winning reasoning and the dissenting reasoning within a day or two should you really want to know, that information takes time to compile properly. Please do not ask during the raid, but afterward.

Starting drama over loot decisions will hurt your chances of getting loot in the next raid, but by no means hinder it completely.